Therapeutic back massage (TBM)

How it works

TBM is a powerful massage technique used to achieve the relaxation and better blood flow in the muscles running alongside the spine and attached to the vertebrae and shoulder blades. By pressing and rubbing these muscles, we remove muscle knots (hardened muscle fibers) which develop due to local metabolism disturbances in the periods of prolonged muscular stress. The entire spine is warmed and relaxed, and mobility of the shoulders is improved. The toxins accumulated due to insufficient blood flow are eliminated. The increased blood flow enables the intervertebral discs to obtain the much-needed nutrients.

TBM is a unique massage technique helpful in the treatment of all minor and serious problems and injuries. It is only inadvisable in the cases of severe osteoporosis and fresh injuries. Various indications include: all long-standing spine injuries, vertebra collapse, disc hernia, symptomatic degenerative conditions, sciatica, lumbago, etc. TBM eliminates up to 60% of pain in cases of chronic sciatica, vertebra collapse and other chronic spine conditions. Minor problems disappear completely after one to five treatments.

TBM is an effective method for the alleviation of severe chronic pain and the elimination of minor chronic back problems. There are no undesired side effects. A single therapy improves the condition for a few days, while several therapies at appropriate intervals may eliminate persistent problems. The spine is divided into three main regions – cervical, thoracic and lumbar-sacral. Within these regions, the massage focuses on the vertebrae and discs known to cause the most problems (e.g. 4th and 5th vertebrae of the lumbar region). Regular visits to an experienced therapist will markedly alleviate the pain and prevent deterioration in cases of severe deformations