Head massage

Head massage ac practised in Massage Corner is a combination of various techniques and consists of movements and grips which proved to be most successful in alleviating the problems listed below.

…The rubbing of particular points on the head improves circulation in the scalp, strengthening hair and stimulating their growth. Massage of head muscles relaxes them and eases tension headaches. Massage and pressure to points around the eyes improves circulation, relaxes pressure in the eyes, improves vision, broadens the field of vision and reduces dark circles under the eyes…

Is it suitable for you?

Head massage is suitable for those who perform stressful work, spend a great deal of time in front of the computer, suffer from problems with their eyes, chronic fatigue, insomnia, lack of concentration, work in places with poor ventilation or air-conditioning.

Head massage is not suitable for those who have recently undergone surgery, suffer from recent injuries or concussion, or are involved in serious therapies with large amounts of medicaments

Head massage is a part of some combined massages and included in classical 90 min body massage.

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It efficiently alleviates or even eliminates:

problems resulting from stress

improves scalp circulation

tension headaches

strengthens the hair and stimulates its growth

improves memory and concentration

relaxes and invigorate

relaxes tension in the eyes

broadens the field of vision

improves vision